New Year Estate Planning

pexels-photo-60267“Cross Off” Updating or Revising Your Estate Plan in 2017

As we welcome in 2017, many people begin looking forward to crossing off items on the “to-do” list that were set aside in the prior year. I often hear from clients that establishing, or revising, their estate plan has been on their to-do list for many years. While the reasons for the delay are many, the urgency and importance of an up-to-date and comprehensive estate plan are always present. There’s no better time to prepare an estate plan than the present.

As you consider all that you plan to accomplish in 2017, take the time to evaluate your needs in establishing, or revising your estate plan to provide for your loved ones when you pass away. Estate planning is more than just who will inherit your property at your death. A comprehensive estate plan is about the instructions you leave to carry out your your specific preferences and guidelines.

If you are interested in learning more about establishing or revising your estate plan and the steps and cost involved, please contact us today for an evaluation.